What’s New on May 24, 2020

Hello friends of HumankindNOW! 

Wherever you are, we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. 

As of May 22nd, our all-volunteer team has shipped:

47,410 N95 masks

4,300 KN95 masks

34,500 surgical masks

1,000 surgical gowns

1,160 goggles 

That’s over 3,000 healthcare workers covered, meaning we’ve reached 30% of our goal to donate PPE to 10,000 healthcare workers. Reaching this goal keeps our volunteers motivated, 7 days a week, to find, fund and deliver PPE for those in need.  

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We have received many testimonials over the short time we’ve been donating PPE. The most urgent and heartbreaking notes have come from essential workers at small healthcare businesses. Nursing homes, OBGYN offices, emergency dentists and the like have limited PPE to do their work and limited in-house resources to procure PPE.  

To help this group of essential workers, we are now prioritizing requests from essential healthcare workers at small healthcare businesses who are working with disadvantaged populations. With these donations we aim to:

  • Protect small healthcare businesses who lack the in-house resources to find and fund PPE for their employees
  • Protect disadvantaged populations by slowing the spread of COVID-19 through their communities
  • Protect essential, front-line and hospital professionals by reducing the likelihood of spread in vulnerable populations
  • Protect our towns and neighbors as some businesses reopen or stay open during the peak of this crisis

If you are an essential worker at a small healthcare business working with disadvantaged populations, request PPE today.

Shipping Your PPE Donation

To ensure that the PPE donation is for business and not personal use, we will only be shipping packages to business addresses.  Please make sure that your shipping and business address match when requesting PPE.  If your request is validated and prioritized, your package should be delivered about 14 days after your request. You will receive tracking and shipping information by email when your package is on its way.

Filling Requests

We plan to fulfill a majority of the requests we get from valid, essential workers at small healthcare businesses working with disadvantaged populations. However, demand continues to outstrip supply so we are not able to fulfill all requests.  For those of you whose PPE request has not been fulfilled, we are sorry and hope that you will enter another request in a month.

An Update From Doctors Without Borders

On May 18, 2020, HumankindNOW’s 6,000 N95 masks to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) were delivered to emergency rooms, blood banks, surgical doctors, and two medical universities in Puerto Rico. 

“A huge thanks to HumanKindNow for these donations. Not only have the masks been welcomed with gratitude by the health partners here,” said Sophie Delaunay, Project Coordinator for MSF in Puerto Rico, “but they are also helping us open some doors from health facilities which had remained closed until now.” 

Read the full update here.

HumankindNOW has supplied PPE to over 3000 front line individuals as well as front line organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Navajo Nation, San Francisco VA hospital, and Multicare Spokane.

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Testimonial of the Week

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“We are a dental office of 14 healthcare workers desperately needing quality PPE. Your group donated PPE to us and gave us hope while we get through this! Thank you again!”

~Tod, Dentist, California

Mo’ Money, Mo’ PPE


Our GoFundMe campaign is very close to being half way to our goal of $500,000. We promise to use 100% of donations to provide PPE to essential workers in need. If you have the resources to help, please donate at HumankindNOW.org. PPE Care and Protection Packages have an approximate value of $80 – $180.  Even a $10 donation will help pay for shipping costs. Many thanks!

Our Volunteer Star Wendy Lu

Volunteers are the engine of HumankindNOW and one of our most impactful volunteers is Wendy Lu.  

Wendy was interviewed by the CFA Society San Francisco recently after being named a local hero — and we couldn’t agree more.  As one of HumankindNOW’s first volunteers, she has been a critical part of our success. She’s involved with our shipping relationship, logistics, inventory, product sourcing, and fundraising. 

Read more about Wendy Lu, our Volunteer Star.

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Take a Bow

Medical professionals, thank you for all you do! 

HumankindNOW donors, thank you. You are helping save lives.

HumankindNOW volunteers, thank you. We can’t do this without you!

If you are getting this newsletter because you are interested in our cause, thank you.  We hope this newsletter helps you better understand HumankindNOW. 

Be well everyone, and wash your hands.



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