Whats New on April 30, 2020

Thank you so so so so so so so much for the insanely kind and generous gift of these N95s

Adam | Nursing Home Worker, CA

Hello HumankindNOW friend! 

We hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy.  We’re fine. Busy but fine. Thanks for asking. 🙂 

The HumankindNOW volunteer team continues to work at full speed to ship PPE supplies, improve our processes and make it easier for front line workers to request PPE.  

As of Wednesday April 29th, we have shipped approximately 284 PPE Protection Packages and 242 PPE Care Packages. This brings our approximate total shipped to 26,100 N95 masks, 7,100 surgical and KN95 masks, 1000 surgical gowns and 482 goggles to cover the PPE needs of about 807 front line workers. We are shipping more every Tuesday and Thursday, so stay tuned. 

If you know any medical professionals who need PPE, please encourage them to submit a request for free supplies at HumankindNOW.org.


Check Out Our Fancy New Website

We are extremely happy to introduce a new and improved website at HumankindNOW.org.  It’s more polished, that’s for sure, but the biggest improvement is that front line workers can now order PPE packages directly from this website.  The instant checkout speeds up ordering, the formatted shipping list expedites delivery, and the simplified verification process quickens the validation that PPE is being sent to front line workers in need. In addition, the re-design allows us to scale up quickly, getting PPE to those who request it faster and more efficiently.  Please check out our new website and let your first line responders know we are taking orders for those in need.  

Many thanks to Paul Owen of Searchleap for designing and developing a website that’s perfectly suited for HumankindNOW.

Ensuring We Send to Front Line Workers

To ensure that the PPE we are donating is reaching front line workers, we ask all requesters to either enter their NPI number or upload a photo of their work badge, professional identification, or medical diploma. Our verification team then gets to work verifying each customer’s information and profession. On occasion we also contact customers by email or phone for more information. Once a front line worker has been verified, their PPE order is ready to ship.

Join, Like and Follow Us on Social Media

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Join, Like and Follow Us on Social Media

If you like what HumankindNOW is doing, please follow / like us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share our message.

Meet Our Shipping Partner


HumankindNOW has teamed up with Zenni Optical to provide first-class shipping and logistics to match our high demand. Please offer a round of applause to Zenni for delivering PPE with love.

The Impact Of Your Donations and HumankindNow

We’ve been brought to tears by the heartfelt thank you notes sent by recipients of our PPE packages.  Fair warning: you might want to break out the tissues before reading these inspirational responses.

“Thank you so so so so so so so much for the insanely kind and generous gift of these N95s. You have no clue the amount of reassurance in the kindness and humanity that you have instilled in my team and myself. We are so grateful to you and all that you are doing for our communities.”

Adam, nursing home worker, California - Received a PPE Protection Package from HumankindNOW

"I was speechless when I read the personal note that came with the N95 masks in the mail. This is better than winning the lottery, though I have never won before. There was a rush of warmth through my whole body, not so much from seeing the masks which I desperately needed, but from your love letter. Been living with dark cloud over head for weeks wondering how to treat dental emergencies with the looming threat of dental aerosol without proper PPE/n95 protection. This is such a heart warming gift! I am very grateful for your kindness and generosity at difficult time like this to help us all in the healthcare fields. We will all do our part to get through this big hurdle together as a nation and as humans!"

Winnie, Endodontist, California - Received a PPE Protection Package from HumankindNOW

"I appreciate the masks and eye shields I got today. It was greatly needed. I had been reusing my last N95 for a couple of weeks now."

Edwin, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologists (CRNA), Texas - Received a PPE Care Package from HumankindNOW

I wanted to reach out and let you know we received the 50 N95 masks and we are very thankful! These are the only ones we have been able to get and it is a blessing to us! All of us at [the office] are thankful!!

Paige, Otolaryngologist MS PA-C, North Carolina - Received a PPE Protection Package from HumankindNOW

Please know that these front line workers are overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you to the HumankindNOW donors and volunteers for getting PPE into the hands of those who need it most. 


Take a Bow

If you are a medical professional, thank you for all you do!  Please let us know if you need PPE at HumankindNOW.org.

If you have donated to HumankindNOW, thank you. You are helping save lives.

If you are a HumankindNOW volunteer, thank you. We can do this!

If you are getting this newsletter because you are interested in our cause, thank you.  We hope this newsletter helps you better understand HumankindNOW. 

Be well everyone, and wash your hands.



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