Volunteer Star – Wendy Lu

Volunteers are the engine of HumankindNOW and we wanted to share the stories of some of our star volunteers.  Today, we are proud to showcase one of our most impactful volunteers, Wendy Lu.  

Wendy was interviewed by the CFA Society San Francisco after being named a local hero — and we couldn’t agree more.  As one of HumankindNOW’s first volunteers, she has been a critical part of our success. She’s involved with our shipping relationship, logistics, inventory, product sourcing, and fundraising. 

When we need someone to get answers about shipping issues, it is Wendy we go to. Even when we needed someone fearless to drive a big truck filled with thousands of N95 masks to our fulfillment center, it was Wendy who sat behind the wheel.  She’s ready to solve any problem we encounter, and it’s with that drive that Wendy keeps HumankindNOW moving forward at full speed, seven days a week to find, fund, and deliver PPE to essential healthcare workers across the country. 

When she’s not volunteering at HumankindNOW, Wendy is a Wealth Manager at Capital Trust Advisors. During her free time, Wendy enjoys yoga, gardening, music, arts, and spending time with her husband, two young daughters, and friends.

Wendy is determined to achieve our goal of delivering PPE to 10,000 essential workers in small healthcare businesses a reality. When asked why she volunteers at HumankindNOW, Wendy said “We have reached about 20% of our goal. You know I never thought I could help that many people! I was just thinking of doing something rather than sitting at home watching the healthcare workers suffer. It’s been such a wonderful journey working alongside everyone at HumankindNOW. You all inspire me to keep going with this mission. Can’t wait to get close to our goal of protecting 10,000 healthcare workers!”  

You inspire us too, Wendy.  Thank you for being a star. 

Read the full CFA Society San Francisco article about Wendy Lu.


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