PPE Protection Package

This package usually includes either 25 N95 masks or 25 KN95 masks plus 25 surgical masks. The contents might change depending on our stock.

This package supplements the PPE for several front line workers and can be requested once every month. 

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Ordering Amounts

Our goal is to provide 10,000 essential workers at small healthcare businesses with the PPE they need to do their jobs safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet this goal and to do the most good for the most individuals, we ask that you rerequest only one package every month. 

Ensuring We Donate to Essential Healthcare Workers

To ensure that the PPE we are donating reaches essential healthcare workers at small healthcare businesses, we ask that all customers either enter their NPI number or upload a photo of their work badge, professional identification or medical diploma. We will contact you by email or phone in a day or two to verify your information. 

Shipping Your Package to You

We will ship your package to your business address so your business and shipping address must match. Your package should be delivered about 14 days after your request. You will receive tracking and shipping information by email when your package is on its way.