Our Volunteer Star, Janssen Choong

We want to extend a huge thank you to our volunteer star, Janssen Choong. 

Despite the nationwide shortage, our volunteer Jannsen Choong has been able to source and acquire certified PPE for HumankindNOW that we then donate to essential healthcare professionals across the nation. Janssen is a serial tech entrepreneur and in his last 3 companies, co-founded Spark Commerce, spin-out Booster, and lead technology at Hyphen as the CTO. Currently, Janssen is a Partner for Horizon Connect, a technology advisory consulting firm. 

HumankindNOW’s CEO — Meagan Pi — reached out to Jannsen in February of 2020 in the hopes of finding more ways to get PPE into the hands of our nation’s essential healthcare professionals. Janssen, with his numerous local businesses and SEA connections, was eager to volunteer. He hasn’t stopped his hard work since. When asked why he volunteers for HumankindNOW, Janssen was quick to respond — “This is a meaningful & impactful opportunity to help, so I did.” 

Janssen saved the day again more recently by negotiating the release of a large shipment of N95 masks that had been inexplicably held by the shipping company for over a month. 

Without Janssen, there would be no HumankindNOW. He truly is a volunteer star. 

Thank you so much, Janssen, for your tireless work. It’s because of you that HumankindNOW can save lives.


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