HumankindNOW offering testing and mental health services to health care workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Partnership with Visit Healthcare and brings critical services to health care workers in small businesses and underprivileged communities across the United States




HumankindNOW today announced the availability of COVID-19 testing and mental health support services for front-line healthcare workers in small businesses and underprivileged communities. 


These essential services, offered in partnership with Visit Healthcare, a provider of convenient and accurate medical testing, and, a wellness platform provider, along with donated personal protective equipment (PPE), help nurses, technicians and doctors combat the risks they face as they care for those afflicted with COVID-19. 


“As our heroes on the front lines care for patients afflicted with COVID-19, many have told us that the stress of their work and fear for their own safety is taking an emotional toll. Through our partnerships with Visit Healthcare and, we can now do more to help those who are caring for our loved ones during this terrible pandemic,” said Chi-Chao Chang, Chairperson and CEO of HumankindNOW.


“We’re honored to partner with HumankindNOW to support health care workers battling COVID-19,” said Ben Fanger, CEO of Visit Healthcare. “Our community testing sites across California, Alaska, Illinois and Texas, as well as our mobile testing facilities, are at their service.” 


“The stress of caring for people during a pandemic can be overwhelming, especially for health care workers,” said Julie Sharma, founder of “We are pleased to make our coaching and support services for mental, physical and emotional well-being available to the heroes on the front lines.” 


Health care workers, administrators and community officials can contact HumankindNOW at [email protected] for more information.


About HumankindNOW

HumankindNOW is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in California dedicated to supporting front-line health care workers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Formed by leaders of Silicon Valley startups and fueled by $750,000 in donations, HumankindNOW has supplied 480,000 pieces of high-quality PPE to 11,000 health care workers in small businesses and underprivileged communities since its founding in March 2020. To learn more or to donate, go to 


About Visit Healthcare

Our mission is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by providing our clients and partners with convenient and accurate testing. With a united effort, we can help stem the tide of this virus and save many lives. To learn more, go to 


About is an all-encompassing digital wellness platform that provides real-time coaching and tools for mental, physical, social and financial well-being. Our platform helps teams all over the world weave wellness and overall well-being into their workplace. To learn more, go to


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