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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential workers at small healthcare businesses such as OBGYN offices, emergency dentist offices, nursing homes and so on, can request PPE at HumankindNOW. We give priority to requests from small healthcare businesses working with disadvantaged populations.

We ask that everyone who requests PPE either enter their NPI number or upload a photo of their work badge, professional identification or medical diploma. On occasion we will contact you by email or phone to verify your information. Once your essential worker status has been verified, your PPE will be ready to ship.

You can request one package per month.

Yes. Our team includes healthcare professionals with knowledge and medical training to ensure that the manufacturers and suppliers we work with comply with federal and state quality control guidelines to provide only high-quality, certified PPE. In addition we work with experienced logistic partners to ensure quality control from the factory to the front line.

One of HumankindNOW’s strengths are the strong ties we already have with PPE manufacturers in China and other businesses around the world. These existing connections allow us to procure the greatest numbers of PPE at the lowest possible cost. The bigger the order we place, the higher our order will be prioritized by these manufacturers.

Thanks for asking!  If you like what HumankindNOW is doing, please follow / like us and share our messages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you can, please donate on our GoFundMe campaign. Every dollar counts in this all-hands-on deck effort to protect the front line workers who protect all of us.

HumankindNOW is a 501(c)3 that protects donors and suppliers of PPE from potential liabilities, provides them with tax-deductible receipts, and allows us to apply for special grants offered by large corporations to acquire PPE during these extraordinary times. Our GoFundMe campaign is subject to the Trust and Safety controls provided by GoFundMe’s fundraising platform. Donation payments are processed by GoFundMe.

Yes it is!  HumankindNOW is a 501(c)3 and our EIN # is 81-3534533.   

We support any and all efforts to get PPE to the essential workers who need it, and we want to cooperate with other campaigns rather than compete with them. In fact, by pooling our resources, we can get more PPE to more people more quickly, because manufacturers prioritize bigger orders over smaller ones. So, if you have contacts at a local PPE campaign, please connect us so we can join forces.

We are really sorry to hear that. There are two possible reasons. 

First, because of our limited supply some requests can not be filled.  We are very sorry.  We usually fulfill about 85% of the requests we get from valid, essential workers at small healthcare businesses but sometimes demand outstrips supply. You can rerequest a PPE package again in a month. 

Second, its possible that your package was lost during shipping.  Sadly, we can only recommend that you return in one month to rerequest a PPE Package.  

You should receive your PPE Package within 14 days of requesting it.

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