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Help Us Support Our Community of HealthCare Workers

HumankindNOW puts every dollar donated into finding, funding, and delivering Personal Protective Equipment to essential healthcare workers in small businesses helping disadvantaged populations. Your donation means they can stay safe while saving lives.

  • $10 pays for shipping and handling of one PPE package

  • $50 pays for one PPE package including S&H

  • $100 pays for two PPE packages including S&H

A PPE package contains N95s, K95s, or medical grade surgical masks.

The more we raise the more lives they save, so every donation at every level makes a difference. Please note that your donation is tax deductible (our EIN is 81-3534533).


You Too Can Join our Community

If you donate $100 or more one time, or $10 or more per month, you will automatically become a Kinder member of HumankindNOW. It’s ok if you are not a healthcare worker. But you probably have a family member or friend who is. You can ask them to order two PPE packages on your behalf every year.

PPE Donated To Front Line Workers

as of December 16, 2020

The HumankindNOW team continues to find, fund and deliver PPE and services to essential workers in small healthcare businesses across the country. We are pleased to report that, thanks to your support, we’ve donated PPE to over 12,922 essential healthcare workers.

N95 Masks
KN95 & Surgical Masks
Surgical Gowns

Helping Individuals & Organizations

HumankindNOW continues to supply PPE to both essential workers and front line organizations. As well as helping over 12,922 essential workers, HumankindNOW has supplied PPE to Doctors Without Borders, Navajo Nation, San Francisco VA Health Care System, Motion Picture Home, and Multicare Spokane.

We rely on the generosity and support of Zenni and MasonHub for S&H logistics, for mental health app, and Visit Healthcare for COVID-19 testing.

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What Is HumankindNOW

Essential workers at healthcare businesses deserve the best armor available during COVID-19 and post-COVID-19. But nursing homes, OBGYN offices, dentists and the like are forced to re-use or go without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), due to severe, persisting shortage. We find this unacceptable.

HumankindNOW is a community of essential workers who receive regular packages of PPE from us. With these packages we aim to:

  • Protect healthcare businesses who lack the in-house resources to find and fund PPE for their employees
  • Protect disadvantaged populations by slowing the spread of COVID-19 through their communities
  • Protect essential, front-line and hospital professionals by reducing the likelihood of spread in vulnerable populations
  • Protect our towns and neighbors as some areas and businesses reopen during this crisis

Request PPE if you are an essential worker at a healthcare business working with disadvantaged populations. Donate and Join make any donation to us and join our community of healthcare workers.

Need PPE?

HumankindNOW is donating PPE to those in need.  If you are an essential healthcare worker at a small business working with disadvantaged populations, please request your PPE donation today.

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Our Mission Statement

To harness the powers of technology and human kindness to find, fund, and deliver PPE for essential healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19.