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HumankindNOW and Doctors Without Borders Team Up to Deliver PPE to Puerto Rico

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – HumankindNOW has donated 3,000 N95 masks, which will be distributed to medical facilities in Puerto Rico today by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). The masks were donated as part of HumankindNOW’s goal to provide 10,000 medical professionals in the US with the PPE they need to do their jobs safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In Puerto Rico, there are a dozen hospitals and essential health care facilities that are in urgent need of PPE supplies,” says Sophie Delaunay, Project Coordinator for MSF in Puerto Rico. “Some hospitals have resorted to giving each emergency room staff member one mask per week because of shortages. This donation from HumankindNOW comes at a critical time when supplies are desperately needed to help protect Puerto Rico’s essential medical staff.”

Delaunay estimates that each of these facilities needs approximately 40 masks per day in order to follow international guidelines for proper mask use. That means HumankindNOW’s donation of 3,000 N95 masks could help one essential health care facility maintain operations for two and a half months.

This initiative is part of MSF’s overall effort to support the people of Puerto Rico during the COVID-19 pandemic by directly engaging with the health care providers, non-profit organizations, enterprises and local health facilities that are visibly active on the ground working with affected communities. Delaunay says MSF is particularly concerned about how the pandemic will affect Puerto Rico’s most vulnerable groups, such as the homeless, people living with HIV or communities in the southwest affected by recent earthquakes.

MSF’s focus on vulnerable groups dovetails with HumankindNOW‘s aim to help front-line healthcare workers across the country who otherwise may not have access to life-saving PPE. In its first month of operations, the organization has distributed more than 33,000 N95, KN95 and surgical masks plus other PPE supplies to front-line doctors and nursing home staff across the United States. Besides the 3,000 N95 mask donations to MSF, HumankindNOW has delivered 26,100 N95 masks to people and organizations listed below.

  • 5,000 N95 masks to Multicare Spokane, which will be distributed across hospitals in Spokane, Washington. These hospitals had run out of PPE and the supplies should protect their front line doctors for one month.
  • 8,300 N95 masks in 166 protection packages to individual front-line medical staff (50 masks in each protection package, enough to protect one doctor for 2 months). These protection packages have been distributed to many doctors across the US including people working for Kaiser Permanente in California, the Rehabilitation Center of South Georgia and Fairview HealthEast in Minnesota.
  • 2,010 N95 masks in 201 care packages (each package containing 10 masks) to front-line medical staff with needs less severe than those receiving the protection packages. The care packages have been distributed across America to people in places as diverse as the Inspira Medical Center in New Jersey, the Chinese Hospital Gellert Health Services in Daly City, California and the Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women & Children in Hawaii.
  • 1,220 N95 masks included in “protection packages” and “care packages” to 31 nursing homes in various states that have run out of supplies.
  • 5,200 N95 masks to the San Francisco VA hospital.

In addition to 26,100 N95 masks, HumankindNOW has donated and delivered more than 7,000 KN95 and surgical masks, 1,000 surgical gowns, and 482 goggles to healthcare professionals to cover the PPE needs of more than 807 front line workers. 500 of the surgical gowns were sent to the Navajo Nation, where the infection rate is 10 times that of neighboring areas in Arizona.

HumankindNOW was launched last month by an all-volunteer group of Silicon Valley engineers, investors, supply-chain experts and public health professionals.

“Front-line fighters in the war against COVID-19 deserve the best armor available,” says Meagan Pi, a google VP and founding Board Member of HumankindNOW. “When we saw that healthcare workers all across the country were being forced to re-use PPE or go without due to a severe shortage, we decided to take action.”

So Pi and a group of friends and colleagues from the San Francisco Bay Area launched a 501(c)3, HumankindNOW, to find, fund, and deliver PPE for US healthcare workers who need it. Their GoFundMe campaign has already raised more than $180,000 in cash donations, which are used to place bulk orders of PPE with Chinese manufacturers with which board members have existing relationships. Individual front-line workers can submit a request for PPE at, along with their credentials, to receive a “Care Package” of 10 surgical masks and two pairs of goggles, or a “Protection Package” containing either 50 N95 or 50 KN95 masks plus 50 surgical masks. HumankindNOW ships these packages in partnership with

HumankindNOW aims to raise $2.5 million in donated cash and PPE supplies in order to protect 10,000 health care workers at an estimated cost of $250 each. Tax-deductible financial contributions of all sizes are currently being accepted at Individuals who have PPE supplies to donate can do so at Front-line healthcare workers can also visit to submit requests for free PPE. One hundred percent of financial and supply donations will be used to provide PPE directly to front-line healthcare workers at no cost to them.

About HumankindNOW

HumankindNOW is a 501(c)3 organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area that is finding, funding, and delivering Personal Protective Equipment for front-line healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19. Visit to request PPE, donate PPE, or make a financial contribution to the cause. Together, we will defeat this threat to humanity by deploying our most powerful weapon: human kindness.

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